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What Are The Latest Home Textile Trends of 2019?

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Beautifying a home is incomplete without the use of fabrics. If the right fabric is used in the right way, even a mediocre residential apartment can look like a luxurious one. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the latest home textile trends of 2019.

Warm Colours

The year 2019 is a year of warm colours of which yellow is the biggest and in yellow, gold-like and acid-citrus hues are the best. You can also go for other warmer colours such as terracotta orange, rich brown, and ruby red. These shades go perfectly with the stones and woods being used the most in houses.

High Performing Textiles

Flexible living areas are very popular nowadays because they precisely blend indoor and outdoor elements. Such places require high-performing textiles to manage the different elements. So, 2019 is going to be the year when high-performing textiles will greatly be in demand.

Mix and Match

Mix and match is a very common trend, almost succeeds every year because the best thing with this trend is that you don’t need to follow any rules. Just expressing yourself, your choice and the kind of style you wish to be reflected in your house is enough to make mix and match work for you.

Subtle Textures

In 2019, the focus will be on reflecting a refined style and for that, you can choose subtle textures for your home. They not only add interest and depth but also make the fabric look heavy, providing it with a casual and liveable feel. If you go for sleek textures such as velvet, they will provide a feel of sophistication and luxury whereas the use of linens will add the natural feel to your space.


Not all but some specific types of patterns will gain popularity in 2019. “Jacquard Weaves” is one pattern expected to gain a lot of popularity this year. This pattern not only looks timeless and classic but offer a subtle statement as well.

Neutral Colours

Nowadays, interiors of most homes focus on woods and stones or better say, darker shades are common. So, to compliment them, the neutral coloured textile is used. Moreover, neutrals create a peaceful yet inspiring space to pull back from the hustle of the outside world and relax.    

So, you can consider this article to know about the latest textile trends of 2019. However, it is best to thoroughly do your own research. As the use of textile in a home is mostly a long affair, never make a decision in haste. Start from yourself, visualise what you want. Search the internet, Instagram and Pinterest will help you a lot. They will provide ideas for your home and different rooms in it. You can also go to a textile store and gain ideas. Also, you can anytime consult the experts.

Always remember not to select the fabrics which don’t satisfy your needs. If you want to purchase the textile that enhances your home’s looks greatly, visit the Heritage Genève.