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How to Sew Designer Cushions Properly?

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Cushions play an important role in defining the aesthetic of your place. Today, if you search for cushions, you’ll come across numerous options. Some are of different shape and size and sometimes, it’s the fabric used that acts as the differentiating factor. However, if you own designer cushions, they not only enhance the looks of your sofa but also beautifies the whole space.

This article is about designer cushions only as it explains the simple steps to properly sew the designer cushions. Anyone interested in knowing the sewing procedure of designer cushions will surely gain a lot of knowledge from this article. So, let’s begin:

Step 1: Firstly, you should have a rectangular or square shaped designer tapestry (you can design it on your own or purchase a readymade from the market).

Step 2: You should select a fabric that complements the design on your tapestry. It is suggested that the fabric you choose should be thick, strong, and long-lasting. You can go with upholstery fabric. However, thick linen and velvet are used quite a bit. Now is the time to cut the textile so that it overlaps the completed design by around one and a half inches from all sides.

Step 3: It’s time to pin the design on the fabric. After cutting the fabric, lay it facing upwards on the workspace. Then, lay your design on top of it facing down. Now, pin both the pieces together from all sides. After that, loosely stitch around the cushion. It is a crucial step because the loose stitches keep both the layers together while sewing with the hand or sewing machine. Since pins can’t hold both the layers together while sewing, loose stitches (basting) are successful.

Step 4: In this step, use your hand or a sewing machine to sew the design and fabric together. For this, use the upholstery thread instead of the simple one. You should start sewing from the design’s bottom and sew just below the primary stitch line. This technique puts one row of tapestry stitching inside the seam. Sew all four sides of the design and leave an opening at the bottom wide enough for stuffing the cushion.

Step 5: After finishing sewing and leaving an open space on the cushion’s bottom, cut ½ inch of the fabric from sewn edges. Now through the open space, you should flip the design. Make sure that you push and level the seam from inside. Use your fingers and do it until all corners and the edges come out evenly.

Step 6: Finally, you should stuff the cushion. You can easily find the stuffing at any craft or fabric store. After stuffing the cushion, combine both sides of the opening with the help of invisible stitches, stitch the sides by hand.

So, properly sewing the designer cushions is just a matter of the above-mentioned six steps. If you are interested in purchasing some of the best designer cushions or the material for them, visit Heritage Genève.