suzani, ikat and velvet cushions on white modern sofa
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9 Tips for Arranging Your Sofa Cushions As It Should

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A sofa without cushions looks empty and sad, nobody likes it. That’s why people usually decorate their sofas with a set of 5 or more cushions. And, the patterns and textures on cushions automatically add the aesthetic boost to the room.

There are various distinctive ways to arrange cushions. Not to mention, properly arranged cushions on a sofa are nothing less than a treat to the eyes. This article brings you 9 tips for arranging your sofa cushions. Here are they:

1.    Create a Balance

The best approach is to create a balance between pattern, colour, and texture. This kind of arrangement is not only visually pleasing but harmonises the fabric as well. Yes, even the simple fabric looks elegant. When bolster or lumbar cushions are used, this arrangement becomes even more interesting.

2.    Mix-and-Match Patterns

 If you go through Pinterest or Instagram, you will find that mixing patterns is very much in fashion, especially in the presence of throw pillows. This arrangement instantly lifts the mood and disperses the fun-feeling in the environment. 

3.    Create a Robust Look

It is easy to come up with a robust look, just add two big-sized (at least 20” x 20”) matching cushions to both the ends of the sofa. They can be printed or bear solid colour because this way, a tone is set for the whole arrangement. Moreover, it creates the required evenness in a mix-and-match kind of setting.

4.    An Additional Layer

You can tweak the robust look a bit and add an extra layer of cushions to it. Of course, they should be smaller in size and in a fabric different from the base. For bringing a formal look, you can add two similar cushions and for an eclectic feel, add two dissimilar cushions.

5.    Go Only for Odd Numbers

It works for almost everything and cushions are also involved. The arrangement with an odd number of cushions gives a natural and relaxed feeling. You can have 3 cushions for a smaller sofa and for the larger one, get 5.

6.    Separate Trio Cushion Arrangement

This kind of arrangement on opposite corners of the sofa is quite popular because it provides a classic look. You can take three cushions; big, medium, and small. Then, place them a little away from the handle and in descending order. Repeat the same on another side.

7.    Different Shapes

Give your sofa an artistic look by placing cushions of different shapes and offset them uniquely along each other. The different shapes can be rectangle, circle, bolster, and square.

8.    Hybrid Arrangement

A hybrid arrangement of cushions is always welcoming and intriguing. You can include different fabrics, patterns, and prints. In short, make it interesting. This arrangement goes perfectly well with accessories also, visually balances everything.

9.    If not sure, go with Plains

There are times when you are not sure whether to go with patterns or not. In such a case, go with plains. The bold and solid coloured cushions always make the arrangement interesting.

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