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Top 10 Handcrafted Gift Ideas For Her

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Whether it's her birthday, holidays, or any special occasion, she always likes gifts. Agree? “She” can be any important women in your life such as your girlfriend, mother, sister, teacher, aunt or even your grandmother.

When it comes to gifting her something, there are numerous options but are you sure that they will work for you. Well, handcrafted gift ideas work most of the times and today, you are going to learn about the top 10 handcrafted gift ideas for her. Here are they:

  1. Chocolate: Every girl likes chocolates. Today, a lot of businesses are involved in selling handmade chocolates. In comparison to the commonly available chocolates in the market, handmade chocolates are available in different variants and flavours. Moreover, the buyer always has the advantage to add personal messages with them.
  2. Cushion and Pillow Covers: Women love decorating their place. When you gift her something like Cushion and pillow covers to decorate her place, she will definitely love your idea.
  3. Handmade Candles: Either make at your home or purchase handmade candles from the market. When you gift her sweet aromatic handmade candle, she will remember you whenever the candle releases a sweet aroma.
  4. ShiningCoffee Mug: Most women love shining things in their life, be it their jewellery, dress or accessory. This time gift her glitter coffee mugs which are prepared by hand by dipping in a solution of coloured glitters such as gold, silver or purple. She will always feel like a star after sipping coffee from such a mug.
  5. Embroidered Card Holder: If you want to make her feel special, gift her an embroidered card holder where she can put her credit cards safely. There are many machine-made cardholders in the market but one embroidered with hands looks elegant, pretty, and meaningful.
  6. String Art: String art is quite famous and much appraised by girls. As various options are available, you can gift her any shape such as a house, a heart, a Christmas tree or anything depending upon the occasion.
  7. Sunglasses Case of Soft Leather: Sunglasses usually come in a plastic case but they are not attractive and girls hesitate to carry them everywhere, risking their sunglasses. However, there are cases made of soft leather, which not only look great but protect the glasses as well. Of course, they are handmade.
  8. Hand Scrub: Not sure what to gift her during the holidays, go for a hand scrub. It is one of the most amazing holiday gift ideas for her. All the hand scrubs are made up of natural ingredients.
  9. Custom Colour Nail Polish: Women just love to paint their nails. Many shades are available in the market but for her, you can prepare a custom colour nail polish by mixing two or more shades or adding colour to a transparent one.
  10. Handmade Soap: Gift her a set of handmade soaps and reveal your caring nature. The sweet-smelling handmade soaps, when tied with a ribbon, will definitely impress her.

So, these are the top 10 handcrafted gift ideas for her. If you are looking for some really meaningful, pretty, and affordable gift ideas, visit Heritage Genève now!