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Top Interior Decor Trends to Watch in Spring 2021

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With the growing importance of sustainability and prioritising individuality and uniqueness, 2021 spring interior décor trends have something for everyone. While we see the winter slowly coming to an end, it is never too early to update your home and allow your creativity to shine while following some latest trends.


So, if you are ready, let’s take a look together at the interior decor trends we gathered for spring 2021.


  1. Back to Earth and Neutrals

interior decor trends for spring

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‘Brave Ground’ was chosen as the Dulux colour of the year; meaning neutrals are back. Well, did they ever go out of trend? We don’t think so but to move on, neutrals and earth shades allow us to connect to the nature and create a sense of stability, growth and potential. They also provide the chance for change and creativity in your home. With the help of Heritage cushions, you can create positivity and warmth in your home. Either you choose to use cushions on sofa or your bed, we believe you will love them as much as we love our Ikat cushions.


2. Bring Back the Classic Florals

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A somewhat familiar pattern to most of us, florals are coming back in different forms. It is not only sticking to our sofas, but also to our walls, ceilings, rugs and cushions.

‘Small and somewhat traditional floral patterns like the classic Jasmine connect us back to nature and make us feel protected, especially when taken over the ceilings’

said Joe Studholme, a colour curator. With the help of Heritage cushions, we think this trend is the easiest to accomplish with our floral Ikat cushions.


3. Keeping it Green

green spring decor trends 2021

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Green; the colour of tranquillity and relaxation… As we all need what green characterises, it becoming one of the top trends in 2021 made us all delighted. For a calming living space and the feeling of touch closer to the nature, green is the perfect addition to your home. There are many different ways of adding green to your home while our favourites are Heritage cushions and plants. With the help of our Velvet or Ikat cushions, we are certain that you will love this new addition to your home.


Whether you choose to focus on neutrals, florals or greens, we believe these new trends will become staples of your home. Don’t forget to check all of Heritage Cushions!