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Introducing: The New Velvet Cushion Collection Double Sided With Ikat

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With its traditional attribute, velvet is deemed to be luxurious and warm in sync and is referred to as the ‘Royal Silk Velvet’ in Central Asia. Our new Mediterranean Velvet Cushions deliver radiant colors and patterns inspired by the regional culture. With a silk velvet cushion in the front and a beautiful ikat cushion at the back, these cushions also empower you to play around your home décor with different patterns on each side.

With its novel embroidered silk fabric, keep reading if you want to meet three of our new Velvet cushions with their unique features we centred on today!

1. Blue Velvet Ikat Cushion

blue velvet cushion collection

No matter if you want to douse your home with shades of blue or to add some color to your neutrally decorated home, Labirent Velvet Cushion is the perfect match for you. Blue, visually one of the most powerful colours, draws us after it, just like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said. This blue geometric velvet cushion from Heritage Geneve will bring the depth and edges of the nature to your home and will enchant you like blue did with many writers, philosophers and scientists.

2. Brown Velvet Cushions

brown velvet cushions

It would be fair to say that brown was and still is the most trending colour of this year. While it usually is a colour that is overlooked, it is one of the most versatile colours when decorating your home that will bring the feeling of calm and comfort in any home. In addition to the classic Chesterfield brown sofa that has been a stable for many homes over the years, we believe our new Pier Velvet Cushion Double Sided Ikat will become an important part of your home.


3. Red Ikat Cushions

red velvet cushion

Red is the color of passion and being lively but when decorating your home, overusing red can be extremely intense and can dominate the room by itself. If you like red like we do, but don’t want to fall for this mistake, our Flame Velvet Cushion Double Sided Ikat can be a great starting point when decorating to red. Incorporating red to your home is easy as it is both a traditional and trendy color. Whether you have red or white sofa, we think this embroidered silk fabric cushion has the power to transform your living room, or which room you choose to use it!