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How To Decorate For Spring With Ikat Cushions & Home Accessories

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As we enter spring, we can’t think of an easier way to brighten our mood by adding a few touches of bright colours with the help of some hand made suzani and ikat cushions! The weather is starting to warm up and soon the trees will be budding; so why not reflect the changes of nature into our homes and freshen things up with some home accessories and more specifically; home accessories?


If you’d like to update your home without the hassle of redecorating from scratch, here's our tips on how to decorate your home mixing suzani and ikat cushions !

Green Cushions to Bring the Nature In !

green ikat cushions

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Nothing says spring more than the blossoming flowers and growing leaves. For a fresh spring decor, add greens with accessories to bring the vibrancy of the season to your home. Whether you choose to do so with a tall green houseplant or a green ikat cushion, it can bring instant colour into your home. Maybe adding a touch of spring green to every corner of your house is what we might need after all!

Engage All of Your Senses

bright ikat cushions

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After a long winter spent with winter candles and dried flowers, it's now time to replace them with fresh spring scents. Using essential oil diffusers is one the easiest and most relaxing ways to make your home smell like a flower garden. Another great way to add a fresh scent to your home is with our cushions have dried lavender sealed into its luxurious filling, which will help you relax whenever you decide to lean on your ikat cushions.

Step Up Your Game With Our Luxurious Velvet Ikat Cushions

green ikat cushions

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Adding new cushions to your collection is one of the easiest ways of uplifting your home. This will add a fresh look to your sofas, chairs, beds or wherever you decide to use them! Don't be afraid of adding brighter colours and patterns using suzani or ikat cushions, as it will immediately transform your room into a happier space.


What home accessories will you use to decorate your home this spring?