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How To Add Colour To Your Home With Cushions

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When decorating the basics of your home, it is normal to go with safer colours usually on the lighter side. Colours affect our mood widely and when choosing the key colours to your home, you should be vary of those you can't easily change. However, this doesn't mean you can't add colour when playing safe. Adding colours using luxury suzani, velvet or / and ikat cushions will transform your homes both with their different textures and colours!

Add colour with luxury cushions to your bedroom

It's important that you make your bedroom as relaxing and comfortable as possible. When choosing the colours of your cushions, we would advise going with relaxing shades such as blue, green and pink. As all of our luxury cushions come with dried lavender inside the duck feathering, the scent that they will create will make your space more relaxing and serene.

How To Add Colour To Your Home With Cushions

1 Blue Dots Handwoven Double Sided Silk Ikat Heritage Style Cushion

2 Sky Garden Flower Medium Silk Suzani Cushion

3 Lake District Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion

Using cushions in your living room

Your living room is where the family and friends gather, it is important that the living room reflects both your personality and lifestyle. Suzani cushions are our favourites to add on sofas as they will transform the room with their delicate hand embroidered details and their colours. We especially love our suzani cushions because they are double-sided cushions that very easy to mix and match with our ikat cushions. So buying one cushion, is technically like buying two different cushions, as you get two different designs with each suzani piece.

cushions add colour

1 Daisy Garden Silk Suzani Cushion

2 Pink Pomegranate Suzani / Ikat Silk Embroidered Cushion

3 Pomegranate Purple Silk Suzani 

What about the garden and conservatory?

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a garden and / or conservatory, we would recommend using the opposites of green in these rooms. With the sunshine and the colour of the grass and plants, using green can be a little too overwhelming. However selecting complementary colours to green such as pinks, reds and purples would make the space look more alive and living. Our ikat cushions would blend in with their unique dye technique and transform your conservatory.

conservatory cushions

1 Silk Velvet Rainbow Ikat Cushion

2 Primrose Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion

3 Luxury Geometric Design Blue Velvet Ikat Heritage Style Cushion