Our Green Cushion Edit | Suzani, Ikat & Velvet Cushions
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Our Green Cushion Edit | Suzani, Ikat & Velvet Cushions

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With the weather getting ever so grey, it's important keep some colours in our living spaces. Cushions are a great way to add some colour into your living space as we have discussed in our previous blogpost. The added dried lavender in our duck feather filled cushions make space for extra relaxation and help reduce anxiety. Today we are sharing our green cushion edit including our suzani cushions as well as our ikat and silk velvet cushions.

Suzani Cushions Edit

Our suzani cushions are hand embroidered, made of silk and usually come from Ouzbekistan. Suzani is usually embroidered by the mother of the bride in Ouzbekistan as a part of her dowry, the fabric is usually split into a few pieces within the family and everybody plays a role in it. We always talking about our hand made suzani cushions because they are so special and carrying them into your home, making the fabrics a part of your story too, is special. Here's how to add some green into your living space with our handcrafted suzani cushions;

suzani cushions green edit

Ikat Cushions Edit

Ikat cushions are great for all year around and very resistant. All of our Ikats are hand dyed and made of mainly silk. If you want to mix traditional pieces with modern ones ikat is the fabric for you. Ikats are special because the threads of the fabric are dyed before assembling them. It's a hard and long process that gives us these beautiful ikat cushions. We usually love mixing ikat cushions with our velvet or suzani fabrics. 

ikat cushions add some green edit

Velvet Cushions Edit

Our hand woven colourful, double sided velvet cushions are the perfect accessory to warm up your space. The soft velvet will give you the feeling of luxury at each touch, and since most of our velvet are double-sided with one ikat side, you won't have to decide on one single cushion. Use the beautiful ikat side in the warmer months and the luxurious velvet cushion side in the colder months. Adding some green into your space using our velvet cushions will immediately change the feel of the room!

velvet cushions add some green