How To Style Cushions On A Sofa Like A Pro
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How To Style Cushions On A Sofa Like A Pro

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The sofa is the centre of the house. It's where you receive guests and relax with your loved ones, where you watch TV and escape away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. Nobody like a sad empty sofa, it's beautiful and practical to add one or five (or more) cushions to both decorate your sofa and support your head and back. Here's a few tips and ideas on how to style the most meaningful place of your home. 

Decide on your base

You need to make a conscious choice of a base when purchasing your sofa. How will it look in your living space, what fabric should you choose and what colour. The base will be key to style your sofa and selecting your cushions as it might darken or wash out the space. Try and opt for one that suitable to the weather of your hometown.


Hertage Geneve long Suzani silk cushions

Add the first layer

The first layer of cushions will be those that people expect to see. Brown with beige, black with white. You can choose to use to use cushions of different fabrics, silk, cotton and velvet cushions are our personal favourites. 


1 Geometric Motif Handwoven Silk Ikat Heritage Style Cushion

Daisy Garden Silk Suzani Cushion

Element of Surprise 

Consciously decide to surprise people with the unexpected, a cushion of a different colour and fabric from the rest. This add both depth and character to your sofa. You could also decide to mix in cushions of different sizes. 

Odd numbers

Odd numbers usually look more relaxed and natural in most cases. You can opt for 3 or 5 cushions depending on how big your sofa is. By clicking here, you can read our post about how many cushions it is ideal to have on your sofa.

Oasis Silk Velvet / Ikat Rectangular Heritage Style Cushion

Pomegranate Blue Floral Design Silk Suzani Cushion

Deep In The Forest Silk Velvet

Mix patterns

If you've been on Pinterest in the last couple of months, you would've seen that mixing patterns has been all the rage. Mix velvets with suzanis, flowers with pomegranates, ikats with other ikats... The sky is the limit! 

Feeling shy? Stick to a single colour palette

It's okay if you are feeling shy to mix colours and patterns, to keep it simple stick to a single colour palette. You can click here to read about the top living room colours!

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