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Top Interior Decor Trends For Autumn 2019

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These are the top interior decor trends for autumn 2019.

There is no escaping the trends in interior decor this year, 2019 is proving to be one of the most design filled years for our homes. Summer has come and gone, and left its place to our dear old friend; autumn. With its orange leaves and colder temperatures, it is time to update our homes, and make it into a cosy, warmer space, perhaps utilising some of the decor trends for autumn 2019

So what's made the list?

1. Vintage 

2019 is the year of vintage, hand made and bespoke items. Autumn decor trends only emphasise on this further. It is time to steer away from the mass produced products and support local and hand made businesses. All of Heritage Geneve's suzanis make the cut for this trend, as all the suzani is hand woven and bespoke. Each suzani cushion is its own piece, with unique and vintage. 


Top Interior Decor Trends For Autumn 2019


2. Neutrals 

Neutrals, perhaps the easiest trend to play around with have also made the cut in the top interior decor trends for autumn 2019 list. This trend is signified by a subtle palette of layered neutral tones and is sometimes made interesting with a touch of colour. For autumn, we might suggest a pastel shade of mustard yellow or brick red. A neutral coloured sofa could be harmonised with one of our neutral, subtly coloured luxurious cushions.  

NEUTRALS Top Interior Decor Trends For Autumn 2019

1 Suzani Soho Embroidered Heritage Style Cushion

2 Black & Beige Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion


3. Oriental Influences

This year has seen the rise of Moroccan design influences at home. As the richer colours suggest, this interior decor trend will especially be used during the autumn months. Reds, suzanis and embroidery will take front when decorating our homes. If you are in the look out for a luxurious hand sewn suzani for the autumn months, you've come to the right place. Click here to browse through our exclusive suzani cushion collection. 

Top Interior Decor Trends For Autumn 2019

1 Square Gold Silk Velvet Cushion

2 Embroidered Lips Silk Suzani Cushion


4. Greens 

As our fast paced lives become faster in cities, it is important bring greens into our living space. The colour green is proven to bring perspective, it is known to be a balancer of the heart and the emotions. Integrating green with plants would be ideal, however you could also add green accessories into your living space. Our green cushions will not only bring you clarity, but also relax you with the dried lavender scents that is in all our cushions.  

Top Interior Decor Trends For Autumn 2019

1 Sky Garden Tulip Silk Suzani Cushion

2 Kew Gardens Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion


These are some of the top interior decor trends for autumn 2019 that made our list. Which ones will you be integrating into your homes?