What Makes Ikat Cushions So Popular Today
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What Makes Ikat Cushions So Popular Today

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This year has seen the rise of Ikat. World famous fashion houses like Balenciaga and Oscar de la Renta have made entire collections using Ikat cushions. Homes featured in lifestyle magazines use Ikat cushions, Ikat decorations and Ikat accessories. The Ikat fabrics are once again captivating the world with their beauty, uniqueness and history.

What made ikat fabrics famous and trendy was not their fibers but their pattern and a method of making. To this day the Ikat fabric's production is a labor intensive process which requires that the silk or a combination of silk and cotton yarns are first wrapped together. Then the Ikat pattern is drawn on the yarn which is stretched and tied to wooden poles. Once the Ikat pattern is drawn the yarn is prepared for resist-dying by tying certain parts of the fabric with a dye-resistant material.

Using ikat cushions in your home comes down to shared colours and symmetry. It is usually best to pair ikat cushions with more neutrally aligned furniture, such as an armchair or a sofa, to allow the unique pattern to shine and to also tastefully incorporate colour into the space. If you are big on patterns, it might be best to consult an expert to ensure you aren’t clashing any colours or patterns.


1 Coloured Eyes Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion

2 Red Tulip Handwoven Double Sided Heritage Style Silk Ikat Cushion

3 Silk-Ikat

It is one of our personal favourites as ikat can bring a particular vibe to your living room. You could also use ikat fabric in your bedroom curtains or even to spruce up an old armchair! The best part is they can really be used in any style interior — so whether you have a traditional home or a contemporary one — Ikat can harmoniously blend into most spaces!

To discover more on how to decorate with Ikat fabric, please read the blog on our Top 5 Living Room Colors for some inspiration. But for Ikat beginners, the best way to start is with ikat cushions that are interchangeable and can be used in more than one spot!

No matter how hard it is to care for ikat, this historical fabric is worthy of better attention and care. Ikat cushions are the best accessories for your home and decorating your house with ikat will give warmth and beauty not only to you, but also to the people around you. There is no fabric as unusual and beautiful than ikat. And the more different types of this fabric appears, the more attention it attracts.

silk ikat cushion double sided

1 Primrose Hand Woven Silk Ikat Cushion

2 Brown Barn Handcrafted Silk Ikat Cushion

3 Kew Gardens Small Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion


How to care for this fabric and how is it cleaned?

1- The usual care instructions for Ikat fabric are “cold hand wash with shampoo”, however it is still better to get an ikat dry cleaning product, if available.

Ikat prefers to be hand washed in cold water, using a delicate product, usually shampoo. Do not twist, just slightly squeeze. Dry on a horizontal surface. A slight change in the color of the fabric after washing is possible.
The fabric is still beautiful and it may be what designers are looking for to create that special worn and organic look. However, the washed fabric, in most cases will not work for upholstery, for curtains, or anything that will require the fabric to hold its shape

Take attention: the finishing will wash off if the fabric is washed. Therefore, dry cleaning is usually recommended for ikat fabrics.

blue silk ikat double sided cushion pillow

1 Blue Dots Handwoven Double Sided Silk Ikat Heritage Style Cushion

2 Blue Lamp Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion

3 Lake District Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion

Héritage Genève ikat cushions will keep cool in summer and give off heat in winter.
Silk and cotton are far superior to other materials in terms of body comfort. Héritage Genève ikat cushions are able to maintain an optimal microclimate for the human body. Ikat cushions deserve the best attention and of course care.

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