Our Green Ikat & Suzani Cushion Edit
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Our Green Ikat & Suzani Cushion Edit

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While we are starting to leave the grey weather behind (at least for now), we think bringing the colour of nature, green, into our homes is a great way to boost our moods. As cushions are a great and easy way to bring colour to your home, we think this is the perfect time to share our green cushions that entail from different collections of Suzani and Ikat cushions. So, if you want to see our choice of Heritage green cushions, continue on reading!


Suzani Cushions Edit

Green Suzani Cushions

Our hand embroidered Suzani cushions are crafted from the finest Uzbek Suzani in the front and Ikat at the back. While the Olive Leaf Silk Suzani (1) presents a beautifully embroidered green and red patterns, the Leman Vines Silk Suzani (2) is inspired by the French and Italian vineyards; presenting green and red grape patterns. Finally, the Dahlia Garden Silk Suzani (3), inspired by colourful dahlia flowers, has beautiful patterns of blue and pink in addition to green on a white fabric that allows the colours to gleam. We think all three of these cushions are a perfect way to add green to your home, whether you want to use them by themselves or combine them with your other cushions!

Shop Olive Leaf Silk Suzani Cushion here.

Shop Leman Vines Silk Suzani here.

Shop Dahlia Garden Silk Suzani here.


Ikat Cushions Edit

Green Ikat Cushions

With two different Ikat fabrics used on both sides, Heritage Geneve Ikat cushions can become your next staple piece at home. Our Primrose Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion (1) presents a multi-coloured pattern focused on green, yellow and burgundy while the Lace Aloe Ikat Cushion (2) presents identical two sides with the colours of green, blue and white. Finally, the Green Lagoon Ikat Cushion (3), inspired by the Mediterranean colours, can be the greenest cushion of ours, presenting a beautiful green with blue and white patterns on both sides. Whether you want to go full green with your cushions, or add it lightly mixed with other colours, we think Heritage Ikat cushions have something for you.

Shop Primrose Handwoven Silk Ikat Cushion here.

Shop Lace Aloe Ikat Cushion here.

Shop Green Lagoon Ikat Cushion here.