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How To Select Luxury Cushions Like A Boss

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How To Select Luxury Cushions Like A Boss

cushions, no doubt, are one of the most preferred decorative items. You might have come across many people not investing in expensive decorative objects but you might have hardly seen someone saying no to cushions. This is because everyone knows even simple cushions have the power to instantly beautify a place and therefore, money used to buy them is never a waste.

If simple cushions can do such magic, imagine how effective can luxury cushions be. The design, pattern, craftsmanship, and artwork differentiate luxury cushions from the simple ones. If you are also thinking to invest in luxury cushions, this article will help you select them like a boss.

1.    Match the Tones

If you follow trends closely, different colours might be present in your room. You can match the colour of your cushions with the already existing colours in the room. However, include different shades, such as light or dark, of that colour. Of course, avoid cushions matching the colour of your furniture. This technique goes perfectly with neutral shades.

2.    Contrasting Cushions

Have you heard - opposite poles attract? The same is true in the case of cushions. If you want that your interiors gain the attention of everyone visiting your place, use cushions of opposite (contrasting) colours on your armchair or sofa. Some combinations you can try are black or blue with white, print or stripes on plain and vice-versa, and others. Give wings to your creativity. For example, if your couch is solid-coloured or patterned, go for block-colour cushions.

3.    Mix and Match

Mix and match is a home decorative technique that always works. Here, the mix can be of colours, sizes, and patterns. This way your luxury cushions won’t look out of place. However, the best approach is to take one element (pattern, fabric or colour) in common. If you are mixing different sizes, keep the smallest ones in the front, then medium, and finally the large ones. This way smallest ones will be detailed the most.

4.    Select Textured Cushions

In order to make your interiors look luxurious, go for elegant patterns, fabrics or appliqués. Select velvet, suede or fur for your place to look truly sumptuous. Don’t simply fall for designs; instead, consider the fabric’s quality also. If you are looking for something different but abundantly textured, go for beaded, woven or embroidered cushions. The designs and time used to prepare these cushions are quite noticeable and back their luxury title.

5.    Let Them Reflect Your Personality

Decorate your place with the cushions reflecting your personality. Go for the designs or patterns that speak your mind. Just because your friend, neighbour or relative is having certain types of cushions doesn’t mean you should also have the same pieces. Remember you are a different person with different personality and different way of thinking. So, choose wisely and let the cushions reflect your personality.

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