How Many Cushions Should You Put On A Sofa ?
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How Many Cushions Should You Put On A Sofa ?

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How Many Cushions Or Pillows Should You Have On A  2 - 3  Seat And Corner Sofa 

Cushions and Pillows! How many is too many ? Or not enough, Heritage Geneve have written before about How to Select Luxury Cushions like A Boss. We recommend you to read before your shopping.

Cushions are one of the most sought-after soft furnishings; they offer a finishing touch to the room’s decor  scheme — and a great combination can result in a room that’s elegant, stylish and up-to-date, all because of just a few squares of fabric. There aren’t any hard rules on the number of cushions to place on your couch; this often depends on personal preference. Below, we guide you how to achieve a perfect look with just the right number of cushions for the size and style of your sofa.

How many cushions you should have on a 2 Seat Sofa  ?

A minimal look works better on a 2 seat couch, with a recommended number of 2-4 cushions.

Displaying a pair of cushions on your 2 seater sofa gives it a pared down look and is often a favourite for those who prefer a minimal way of decorating. The cushions can be placed at each end of the sofa or slightly towards the centre. You may select identical cushions to keep your decor scheme simple and elegant.

Odd numbers are always ideal for a modern or eclectic look, and 3 cushions work equally well on a 2 seater sofa. Your selection may vary in shape, colour, texture and size depending on your taste and style. Pair block colours with striking patterns to keep things lively and fun.

If you wish for more cushions on your 2 seater sofa, then 4 cushions are perfect for adding more depth. These can be arranged by placing three cushions on one end — starting with a larger cushion, then a slightly smaller one, and finish it off with a rectangular one in front — and a single cushion on the other far end.

Alternatively, for 4 cushions on a 2 seater sofa, you may opt for two pairs of identical cushions. One pair of cushions in a larger size, and another pair of slightly smaller cushions. The larger cushions may be in block colours and the smaller cushions in striking details.

How many cushions for a 3 seater sofa ?

Deciding on the number of cushions to put on a 3 seater sofa is all about achieving the right balance and the recommended number is 3-6 cushions.

Another pared down look is to put 3 cushions on a 3 seater sofa. The 3 cushions can be arrange the same way you would on a 2 seater sofa, with 2 cushions on one end and a single cushion on the other end.  You may opt for cushions that match to create unity or ones with varied shapes and textures.

When putting 4 cushions, choose a pair of cushions large enough to showcase its colour. Then smaller ones; highly patterned with at least one colour pulled from the larger cushions. Place each pairs on each side to impart a sense of symmetry and order.

Putting 5 cushions on your 3 seater sofa offers an eye-pleasing proportion without cluttering the couch. Layering a variety of textures, patterns, and colours keeps things lively and casual. For an attractive look, place a pair of cushions on both ends and a single cushion in the centre.

You can have 6 cushions that match or 6 cushions in 6 different fabrics for an eclectic look with 3 cushions on one end, 2 on the other end and a single rectangular cushion in the centre.

How many cushions for a corner sofa ?

Picking the right number of cushions for your corner sofa will add more dimension and depth to your space. 4-9 cushions are recommended; however, this depends on the style of the corner sofa as they come in varying sizes.

When placing 4 cushions on a corner sofa, you may opt for a single large cushion at each end and 2 cushions in the centre. The cushions in the centre may be patterned or in bold colours to really bring the couch to life.

Alternatively, you make opt for 6 cushions for your corner sofa — the right, left and middle part each carrying a pair of cushions. Select cushions in varying colours and patterns for an intriguing decor statement.

For a pick of 7 cushions, use colours and patterns from the same collection to create a laid-back luxury feel. Place 2 cushions at each end of the corner sofa and 3 in the centre.

A 9 cushions selection is a common pick for a corner sofa in most homes. It includes placing 3 cushions at each end and 3 in the centre; starting with the largest cushion as the base, followed by a slightly smaller one and an additional one in front — in a smaller size and a different shape.

we are not saying these are the only ways to arrange cushions on a sofa , but if you are a bit stuck with arranging cushions, these are some options to get you started. Once you start playing around with them , you will find just the right combination for you .

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