mix of silk velvet, ikat, suzani cushions on sofa in living room
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Best Advices You Could Ever Hear About Home Decoration

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Home decoration is a task that never irks a person. Even if you have finished decorating or revamping your house a few days back, you never feel tired of decorating your home. Do you know why? Because your home represents you, your creativity, and your feelings.

This article is an opportunity to explore the best advice you could ever hear about home decoration. So, let’s begin without delaying:

Colour Schemes

Before specific objects, the first thing that attracts attention is the colour on your walls, the colour of your objects, and the colour of your accessories. It is a very personal choice and you should choose colours that reflect you. Irrespective of whatever colours you select, make sure to have a combination of three shades or three different colours. Select one major colour for your walls, then the second one for bigger accents like chairs, table, and couches, and finally, the third one for smaller accessories like pillows, flowers, and cushions.


Your home gets the best look from accessories and cushions are the major ones. Use cushions to decorate your furniture, sofa, and bedroom. Again, focus on the colour scheme and make sure that the colour of your cushions is not similar to that of your couch or other furniture. There are many designs and patterns available, go for the ones reflecting your style. Also, keep in mind the number and size of cushions you want to put on your sofa or bed. Mix pattern is an all-time hit whereas florals and traditional attracts the most.   

Design Inspiration

There is nothing wrong in taking inspiration while decorating your home. In fact, it only sparks your creativity and you end up with your home decorated in the best way. Thanks to the technology and presence of amazing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Such platforms contain tons of creative images, collect these ideas and find out which ones describe you and your style in the best way. However, you can also get inspiration from various design magazines available in the market.

Mix the New and Old

The combination of your old well-worn, family valuables with the new modern accents and designs never fails. When you decorate your home with a mix of generation(s) old antiques and modern accessories, your home gets blessed with a unique beauty. Some people have antique or inherited decorative pieces, furniture, and art which mean a lot to them. If you also have such items in your home, you can use them as decorative pieces. However, the best thing with such items is that they help to create a personal and familiar place that completes you.

There are numerous other ideas and advice you can follow to decorate your home. Sticking to a single style or idea is not appreciated. Also, note that what matters most is you feeling satisfied and confident. In order to give your home a luxurious and new look, get some of the best designer and hand-crafted pieces from Heritage Genève.