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The 7 Modern Rules Of Home Decoration

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Home decoration is the best way to move out of boredom and enter a new phase of excitement, fun, and peace. Whether you are renovating your house from scratch or are looking to make a few impressive changes in your existing home’s interior, home decoration always helps in bringing unlimited happiness to your life.

Today, this article is going to enlighten you with 7 modern rules of home decoration. These rules are nothing but some expert opinions from interior designers to decorate a home perfectly. So, let’s start:

1.    Mix Textures

If after thinking a lot you still fee that your home is lacking something, try mixing textures. Use different accents of rugs, throws, and cushions. Remember to add texture and mix materials - mix wood with metals, lacquered walls or furniture with natural or rattan woven fabrics.

2.    Lighting

Lighting is an important part of home decoration but commonly it is seen that many rooms in a house remain under-lit. So, make sure that every room of your home has at least 3 lights. For removing shadows, apply layers of light such as recessed light, sconces, and chandeliers.

3.    Avoid Complete Sets of Furniture

In order to give your house a unique look and style it in a modern way, avoid complete sets of furniture. Instead, purchase individual furniture pieces and fuse them with other decorative objects in your home. This will provide an overall natural look to your house.

4.    Make your House Colorful

When it comes to home decoration, it is seen that most people bank upon neutral colours. Though they are engaging, it doesn’t mean you should all the time stick to them. Make your home colourful and bring colours to your life. Get coloured cushions, pillows, and try to make most things colourful.

5.    Add Surprising Accents

Add different surprising accents to your home décor. The accents can be a rusty TV set, leather furniture or anything that pleases you. Invest in them because such surprising accents make your interiors look nothing less than fantastic.

6.    Mind the Size

If you want to decorate your home in a modern way, remember that size does matters. Even if your rooms are small, put bigger sized things in them such as big furniture. They create a much-necessary and advantageous difference. However, note that bigger doesn’t mean overcrowding. 

7.    Do Not Hurry

It is almost impossible to finish decorating a house in just one day. Do not rush to purchase the decorative items, especially if you are low on budget. Wisely choose furniture and accessories. Go for the ones looking pleasant and make sure they perfectly serve the purpose. Devote time and you will find that every piece in your home fits perfectly well and the décor of your home grows.

So, these are the 7 modern rules of home decoration. Whether your home is newly built or old, you can always follow these modern home decoration rules. If you are looking for some really beautiful and handcrafted home decorative fabric pieces, visit Heritage Genève