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Taj Mahal Punica Suzani Cushion Double Sided With Ikat

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Suzani Cushion


 45 cm x 35 cm


Red / Beige / Blue

Style Notes

This suzani cushion collection is inspired by the Taj Mahal, whose construction started in 1632 by Shah Jahan. He built it in the memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died a year earlier giving birth to their 14th child. His aim was to replicate what he imagined her house in heaven to resemble. The imperial court aims to illustrate the love story held between the two. 
Our Taj Mahal collection consists of rich red suzani cushions to illustrate the love, and the suzani always representing the delicate work of the palace. The pomegranate symbolises prosperity and fertility. 

Bring exotic prints to your home with this Suzani embroidered cushion from Heritage Geneve. We have made a hand embroidered Suzani cushion in one side and hand woven Ikat cushion on the other side, to create a different combination in your room.

Crafted from the finest Uzbek Suzani & Ikat, designed & produced in Istanbul and Provence dried lavender has been sealed into the luxurious duck feather pad from the UK; setting these wonderful suzani cushions apart from the rest. From traditional to contemporary interiors our cushions are now the “must have” of clients. Due to the fabrics used and their special designs, all our suzani cushions are limited edition.

please note: in all of our suzanis, each cushion is unique, colours and shapes might vary slightly.