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Tulips Lavender Cushions Sachet

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20cm * 20cm

Style Notes

Héritage Genève Lavender Collection is produced at Heritage Ateliers. Our beautiful handmade and embroidered lavender cushion is made using traditional hand embroidery crafts and sold with great variety of patterns and colors. Textile Collections are the representatives of our cultural heritage with its natural dyeing and printings, antibacterial and antimicrobial features, hand sewing techniques, the local and historical point laces of Anatolia, the studies on reconstructing the local linen weaving, the modern interpretations on the designs and special weaving and manufacturing.

Bring exotic prints to your home with this handcrafted Heritage Lavender Cushion  Provence dried lavender has been sealed into the luxurious cushion pad  setting these wonderful cushions apart from the rest. From traditional to contemporary interiors our cushions are now the “must have” of clients. Placing the cushion in the closet for clothes not only brings fragrance but also helps in pest control and this size for your pillows ,the lavender also smoothies the nerves and aids sleep.  (Every time you slip one on or off the pillow, you'll get a delightful whiff.)  Also looks great as an accent on a bed or chair.  
Due to the fabrics used and their special designs, all our cushions are limited edition

Care & Info

Silk / Linen
Dried lavender from France Provence in the cushion pad.
Slight imperfections may appear due to the fabrics used.
Small differences in size may occur due to the fabrics and patterns used.
Concealed zip opening.
Knife edges.
Limited edition.
Dry-clean only.
All of our Ikat Cushions are hand selected and each is unique .

Meet The Designer

Since 2012 Heritage Geneve is selling luxury handcrafted cushions in their flagship store at the heart of Geneva Old Town. We are bringing exotic prints to your home with hand dyed, hand loomed and hand embroidered fabrics such as suzani, ikat and silk velvet. All of them are in a vibrant array of colours to get you into the mood of refreshing your interior.

The collections are explosions of colours, motifs, unusual fabrics and shapes from different cultures. From traditional to contemporary interiors our cushions are now the “must have” of clients.

Dried lavender is sealed into the luxurious duck feather pad, which gently diffuses a subtle, soothing fragrance when leaned upon, setting these wonderful cushions apart from the rest.