Why our Cushions are the best Accessories for your Home
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Why our Cushions are the best Accessories for your Home

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A well-made cushion can become one of the best accessories for your home. After all, using your cushions with one of the most centre pieces like your sofa is highly probable. But do you think that all cushions can be the greatest accessory for your home? Well, we don’t think so. Not all cushions are as special as Heritage cushions and we thought we could tell you why our cushions are exceptional and how they can be the best addition to your home.


  1. Dried Lavender Filling

 lavender cushion

 As you might have already known, all of our cushions are filled with dried lavender from Provence. So, everytime you lay on your Heritage cushions, you can enjoy the beautiful lavender smell while this can also help you to relax as this is a well known feature of lavender. Being filled with lavender is one of the most significant properties of our Heritage cushions that differentiates them from the other cushions in the market that we think can make the best accessory for your home.


  1. Double Sided Cushions

double sided cushion 

A cushion with a beautiful pattern on one side and a plain fabric on the other is not the way we do things at Heritage. All of our cushions are double sided; usually with a different pattern and fabric on each side. Like our Suzani cushions that have Suzani fabric on one side and Ikat on the other with completely different patterns. Same with our Velvet cushions that have the Ikat fabric on the other side. We also have full Ikat cushions that are double sided with the same pattern. This feature allows our cushions to be all-purpose where you can easily rearrange them.


  1. The Way our Cushions Made

Suzani and ikat cushion 

In addition to being handmade, our cushions and their fabrics are made traditionally. Therefore, each fabric and cushion is unique and irreplicable; making each of our cushions its unique piece. So, when you own a Heritage cushion, you will know that you are the only one that own this unique cushion and this can be the best accessory for your home both decorational but also sentimentally.


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