Our Summer Ikat Cushion Edit
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Our Summer Ikat Cushion Edit

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Our Summer Ikat Cushion Edit


With summertime approaching speedily, we thought that now is the right time to share some of our Heritage Ikat cushions, that are the most suitable for warmer and brighter days. As you might have already known, our Ikat cushions are hand waived, and while some of them have the same pattern on both sides, others have two different patterns, allowing you rearrange easily. So, if you want to see our top Ikat cushion picks for the summertime, keep reading!


  1. Citrus Orange Ikat Cushion

 Citrus Orange Ikat Cushion

Inspired by the Mediterranean region and its beautiful colours, Citrus Orange Ikat Cushion presents a beautiful pattern, mainly with blue, orange, and pink on both sides. Whether you choose to use it on your pool side or in your living room, we think this Ikat cushion calls for summertime.

 Shop Citrus Orange Ikat Cushion here.


  1. Citrus Lime Ikat Cushion

 Citrus Lime Ikat Cushion

If you are looking to add more colour, we think Citrus Lime Ikat Cushion is the perfect fit for you. Also inspired by the Mediterranean colours, this Ikat cushion presents blue, green, red and yellow on both sides. By looking at these beautiful colours and the pattern, we can safely say that this is one of our ultimate summer cushions that can look good whether you have a nude or colourful home.

 Shop Citrus Lime Ikat Cushion here.


  1. Artemis Navy Double Sided Ikat Cushion

 Artemis Navy Double Sided Ikat Cushion

Inspired by the Temple of Artemis, the Artemis Navy Double Sided Ikat cushion present different tones of blue, bringing the colour of the oceans to your home. Having two different patterns on each side, this Ikat cushion is now a ‘must have’ whether you have a traditional or contemporary interior. While we don’t think you will, but if you ever get bored from one side of the pattern, it is very easy to rearrange with the Artemis Navy Ikat Cushion as the only thing you need to do is to flip the cushion and present the different pattern.

 Shop Artemis Navy Double Sided Ikat Cushion here.


  1. Rainbow Ikat Cushion Double Sided Ikat

 Rainbow Ikat Cushion Double Sided Ikat 

Inspired by the lively colours of the Mediterranean, our Rainbow Ikat Cushion presents various colours, as hinted by the name as well. Having this multicoloured pattern on both sides gives you the flexibility of using this cushion in every setting and season; although we think it is the perfect cushion for summertime.

 Shop Rainbow Ikat Cushion Double Sided Ikat here.

If you liked our summer Ikat Cushion picks, make sure to check the rest of our website as we are sure you will like them as well!