suzani and ikat cushions with red and blue pattern
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Luxurious Art Shining On Cushions in Switzerland

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Do you know which elements put life in a house? The interiors of a household the power to upgrade or degrade its looks. In interiors, the biggest role is played by the textile used in your home. It means if the curtains, cushions, sofa cushions, and other textile products in a house are luxurious and of good quality, the looks of that house will automatically enhance.

If you are in the old town Geneva, Switzerland and want to decorate the interior of your house with time-limited luxuries, the best way is to find a place involved in selling opulent, elegant, and affordable textile products. In textile products, you should first go for cushions because they are the primary things which instantly attracts the attention of everyone walking into your room. Below are some unique qualities of cushions available in such a shop.

Dual Fabric

At least two fabrics are used to prepare each cushion. This kind of arrangement provides various benefits such as extra comfort, elegant looks, and amazing patterns. Not to mention, these fabrics are limited editions so if you have these at your home, relax because you have timeless pieces.  Moreover, the presence of dual fabric provides extra strength to the cushions.

Heritage Collection

Another exciting thing is the availability of heritage collection. Nowadays, it is assumed that the conventional textile artwork from the non-western culture is dwindling because of globalization but many stores are proving this assumption untrue. They host a wonderful heritage collection such as Ikat, Suzani from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The embroideries on cushions flaunting this art are based on traditional Ottoman patterns.

Before going to the store to purchase cushions with Ikat, Suzani, and other artwork from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, it is important to know a little bit about this non-western art that has rooted its branches in all the major fashion houses worldwide.

What are Suzani and Ikat?

The fabric embroidered using silk threads in Uzbekistan is commonly known as Suzani and Ikat. Here, people start making a Suzani when a girl child is born in the family and they gift it to her at the time of her marriage. Each Suzani differs on the basis of regions, motifs, and techniques used in preparing it. All the renowned textile designers globally are taking inspiration directly from the Suzani embroidery. The commonest you can see are pomegranate motifs on a large number of textiles.

Ikat is a complex weaving technique that came into existence from different regions independently. In simple words, no one knows about the origin of this complex yet wonderful weaving technique. However, the Ikat originating from Uzbekistan is quite captivating and admired globally.

Cushions with Ikat and Suzani

As mentioned above, cushions in your living room are usually the first thing noticed by anyone entering the room. So, if luxurious artwork such as Ikat and Suzani based on Ottoman patterns are on your cushion, they are definitely going to augment the looks of your place.