Our Cushions

heritage geneve ikat cushions history
Heritage Genève has been creating luxury handcrafted cushions to present in their flagship art deco boutique at the heart of Geneva Old Town since 2012.
Every Heritage Genève cushion is made by hand, eye and heart, mixed with years of experience and passion. All of our cushions are made with techniques coming from experiences that are passed on, inherited and shared through generations. 

Making Our Cushions

We source our fabrics from Uzbekistan, whilst supporting the local women that make it by hand. The fabrics are then matched and cut by our design team and sewed by a local tailor in Izmir, Turkey. Amongst the filling of our cushions, dried lavender from the fields of Provence in France are added for extra relaxation. 

heritage geneve suzani cushions

Suzani Cushions

Originating from nomadic tribes in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, suzanis have become highly collectable and valued for their beautiful decoration and fine craftsmanship.

The primary use of a suzani was within the yurt (a Central Asian nomadic tent), as a protective wrapping panel for textiles and belongings. They were also used as bed sheets and for seating.

Suzanis had a symbolic significance, too. They were traditionally made by brides and their mothers as part of a dowry, and presented to the groom on his wedding day. They represented the binding together of two families, and were adorned with symbols of luck, health, long life and fertility.

Suzanis are usually made in families and can be worked on by more than one person. The pattern is first drawn onto the fabric, before being embroidered on narrow portable looms.

Heritage Genève uses suzani for one side of the cushion and usually matches with an ikat fabric on the back.

Ikat Cushions

Ikat is an age-old technique of patterning cloth. The word itself derives from the Malay-Indonesian ‘mengikat’, meaning to tie or bind.

The making of the pattern consists in the precise tying and dying of the threads before weaving. It’s a process demanding skill, patience, organisation and precision yet its beauty lies in the impossibility of perfect execution and the consequent hazy, slightly blurred edges of the motifs. It is this haziness that defines ikat textiles.

Heritage Genève presents double sided ikat cushions as well as a mix of suzani and ikat double sided cushions.