The Cushion Talk With Melanie Boyden
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The Cushion Talk With Melanie Boyden

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Today we sit down with Melanie Boyden, an interior stylist and content creator who has gathered a community of 110 000 people over her love for interiors. She has selected our Taj Mahal punica suzani hand embroidered cushion collection to feature on her pink velvet sofa in her living room. We discuss her interior design style, wellbeing and relaxing at home.

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Just like us, she believes that your home plays a major role in wellbeing, which is why we place dried lavender incoming from Provence, so that our handmade exlusive cushions aren’t just beautiful pieces that make you happy to look at, but also cushions that release a relaxing scent each time you lay on them.


Here’s our heart to heart with Mel…


How would you describe your interior design style? 


I've always found it difficult to describe my style as I don't think it fits solely into one category. I would call it Eclectic Boho Glam with a bit of biophilic design thrown in. I love colour, pattern, texture, plants and nature and I think this is reflected in my home!


What do you look for when adding new pieces to your home? 


I think it really depends on the room it is going in. I have a few different colour schemes throughout the house so the product has to be able to fit in easily. I always try to source second hand furniture through charity shops and ebay and I would say most of my soft furnishings, kitchenware and art come from small brands that I have found via Instagram. It is such a wonderful place to find talent and beautiful products.


hand embroidered suzani cushion


How much of an impact does your home have on your wellbeing? 

It has a huge impact, I work from home and have two young children so I spend the majority of my time in my house. I need to be surrounded by nature and pretty things and the rooms have to serve a purpose stylishly! :) I also like a lot of natural light, which has been a bit lacking this winter with all the rain! This is probably why I spend so much time in my kitchen as we have bifold doors, a large window and skylight, so even on a heavily rainy day, it is still quite bright in this room. 


What is the most relaxing corner of your home? 

It has to be in the living room, sat on my dark green velvet sofa from sofa.com. We are lucky enough to have a large kitchen diner with a sofa and a playroom where all the children's toys are, so the door to the living room is pretty much shut all day until the kids are in bed. It is wonderful to be able to walk into a room that doesn't need tidying after my kids have worked their messy magic on it and be surrounded by beautiful things that aren't in danger of being smashed or having chocolate smeared over it! Haha. 


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