The Cushion Talk With Kirsty From @kjg_home
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The Cushion Talk With Kirsty From @kjg_home

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Today we sit down with Kirsty, an interiors content creator and mother of 3. She has selected our black and beige ikat cushion to feature in her contemporary home.

home decor handmade ikat cushion

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Kirsty believes in keeping your house interior simple and accessorising with pieces that you love. In this interview, we talk about how she selects the pieces for her home and how her space has a massive impact on her personal wellbeing.

How would you describe your interior design style?

I would describe my interior style as contemporary classic with a homely Nordic feel.

How do you choose the pieces you add to your home?

I like simple shapes and lines. I think if you go with a simple design, you can always accessorise it up and it  will also hopefully stay timeless.
I know my style and will know when I see the piece of furniture I’m after. I think going with your gut is the best way. If your unsure about your style use Pinterest and Instagram and save the pics you like. Try and then see if there’s a common theme.

interior design monochrome 

Any tips on how to create a relaxing space?

I think it’s really important when creating a calming space to pick neutral colours as your back drop. ‘Less is more’ is definitely the approach when it comes to accessories and keep pieces of furniture to a need or minimum. I love to add different textures such as sheepskins and different textured cushions to make a place feel cosy and relaxed with a beautiful scented candle burning close by.

Do you think your home affects your mental wellbeing?

I definitely think your home can affect your mental well being. Well it does for me.  One of the most stressful times that I’ve experienced has been during my build. When your home is in disarray it makes you stressed. You don’t feel like you can relax and unwind which is what a home should be for- Feeling comfortable and relaxed. I tried to pick calming colours in my home for this reason. I feel like that when my house is really untidy too, I can’t sit and rest until it’s tidy. I’m not OCD I just feel guilty sitting and relaxing If theres work to be done :D


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