How to Style your Sofa with Heritage Cushions for the Summer
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How to Style your Sofa with Heritage Cushions for the Summer

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We think sofas are one of the most eye catching and centre pieces of our homes. Whether you host guests or watch Netflix by yourself, it is somewhere that we spend a lot of time. Therefore, we think that it is important to style and design your sofa in a way that you genuinely enjoy. As the summer is approaching, we gathered a few ways you can elevate your sofa with the help of our Heritage cushions.


  1. Adding Bright Colours

Dahlia Suzani collection  

As with many of us, you probably associate summer with bright colours. While redecorating your home for each season is not really feasible, cushions are a great way to reflect the season and your mood. For the summer, you can add our Dahlia Suzani collection to your sofa. Whether it is in your garden or inside your home, this collection will bring the brightest colours for the summer; mainly blue, green, red and pink.

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  1. Surprise with Velvets

 Velvet Cushions

While you might think how you can use velvet in the summer, our cushions come with a surprise element: Being Double Sided. Our Velvet cushions have the velvet fabric on one side and the Ikat fabric with a different pattern on the other side. For hot days, you can easily switch to the Ikat side while you can use the Velvet side in the evenings or more chilly days.

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  1. Use Patterns

Ikat Cushions 

Adding patterns with bright colours is effortless with the help of our Ikat cushions. Our Ikat cushions are made traditionally, with an exceptional weaving and dyeing technique originating from Asia and used in various cultures. Our Ikat collection has much to offer; whether you prefer lots of patterns or more subtle ones.

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We think with the help of our suggestions and cushions themselves, your sofas will be ready for the summer and will look amazing!